7 Tech Recruiting Conferences That Are Worth the Money

tech recruiting conferences

A reasonable payback: girls never called software engineers back in high school, and now in-demand software engineers won’t return a recruiter’s phone calls, emails, or InMail.

Thankfully, there are conferences across the U.S. for tech recruiting, startup leaders, and software engineers to connect face-to-face. But that’s not always a good thing. Conferences translate into travel and business expenses, time away from work, and tickets ranging from $100 to $2,000 a seat. Fitting a conference into your budget this year? Make sure it’s much more than a networking experience.

Before booking your next conference event, check out the top seven conferences for tech recruiters and startups below.

Seattle, Washington

This is the tech recruiting conference for recruiters across the country. The secret to Talent42’s value is its massive and diverse network of tech recruiters. From small companies, to big companies, startups, and coast-to-coast talent, Talent42 brings leaders together for truly powerful collaboration. Whether you’re looking to revamp your large-scale recruitment strategy, or you’re hearing crickets every time you scout for talent–this conference covers it.

Social Recruiting Strategies
Boston, Massachusetts

This relatively new conference addresses the number one challenge on recruiters’ minds: recruiting the best on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It’s no secret that recruiters are now expected to be social media managers, content managers, marketers, and brand ambassadors.

This conference focuses on developing a recruitment strategy in the online world–whether it’s for mobile, on a small budget, or with a focus on engagement. With twenty-nine expert speakers total at this year’s conference, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.

Human Capital Institute
Dallas, Texas

Are you swimming in buzzwords, with no ROI in sight? Talent management, integrated analytics, strategic analytics, strategic workforce planning–the buzz is deafening. You’ll find a breakdown of all things data at the Human Capital Institute, where every analytics challenge is addressed by speakers from companies as big as Tesla.

tech recruiting conferences

Las Vegas, Nevada

Celebrate is the perfect conference for competitive startups looking for a boost in their creative momentum. This conference does a few things differently than your average event. First, it digs deeper during its sessions. The schedule is composed of more than just speaking and networking. Attendees participate in one-on-one sessions, expert “office hours,” and interactive panel sessions. This conference is a conversation instead of a lecture.

The real differentiator setting this event apart is the competition. Startups can enter to become eligible to compete in the annual celebrate conference. The competition finalists are the most innovative startups, and the Tech.co Startups of the Year receive prizes and awards.

tech recruiting conferences

Seattle, Washington 

Getting tired of the same LinkedIn recruiting packages, HR software, and candidate communities? This conference focuses on the best ways to source your candidates. Candidate pools are everything. If yours isn’t yielding quality candidates, it might be time to rethink where you’re sourcing your leads.

This conference’s best quality is it addresses very specific problems. Instead of buffing up the agenda with best practices, fundamentals, and overarching themes, it breaks each issue down section by section. A few examples from last year’s event tackle non-computer sourcing methods, recruiting at the c-suite level, and building a talent pipeline.

Denver, Colorado

If you’re an IOS developer looking for insight (that isn’t coated in corporate branding and schmoozing) this conference is a good place to start. The mission is simple: to bring cool people together in the same room. The “real people” solving real problems aspect of this conference is what makes the agenda worth your money. Tackling the “indiepocalypse” and how to embark on UX design for the new apple watch are a few unique topics covered in this year’s upcoming event. The get-together is about community, and features a lot of hot-shot speakers without the hot-shot feel that alienates the everyday employee in the audience.

tech recruiting conferences

Social Media Marketing World
San Diego
$1,497 ($747 with early registration)

As the largest social media conference in the nation, we couldn’t skip Social Media Marketing World. One of the benefits of such a gigantic conference: you get tons of big-name experts in the same room, which means there’s something for everyone. Everything from content’s takeover of social media, to engagement leads, to harnessing the power of Linkedin groups is taught at Social Media Marketing World. If you’re looking for a tiny community to bond with over specific challenges, this conference may not be for you. If you’re looking for a tidal wave of knowledge about your larger social media outreach challenges, you should seriously consider attending.

Don’t walk away from a conference with a mere overview of your industry, and a bunch of knowledge you can’t even begin to untangle. Get specific, reputable, community-driven help to move forward in your role. With infinite conferences, and new ones being created each year, make sure you pick one that changes your industry perspective.


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