AfterCollege 2017-2018 Student Career Insight Survey – Full Report


Each year we conduct a student and recent grad survey to gauge how entry-level job seekers are undertaking the job search process. We’re pleased to share the report of our most recent findings

Key Findings:

  • Only 31% of college seniors had a job lined up in the Spring of 2017.
  • Most Seniors had at least one paid internship during their college years.
  • Male respondents were slightly more likely to have a job lined up vs. female respondents, hinting at a possible gender gap.
  • Summer, early Fall and early Spring are the times when students are most active in searching for jobs and internships.
  • Parents, teachers and faculty are among the most influential people in students’ career choices.
  • Email and job postings remain the top channels through which job seekers prefer to learn about jobs.
  • Work/life balance and the opportunity of advancement are the two top factors for students when considering a job, aside from salary.