Employers get traction with job postings on AfterCollege


Recently, an employer asked us about job posting performance on AfterCollege. One crude measure of performance is clicks (a.k.a click apps) per job. This measures how many times a job seeker clicked on the “Apply Now” on a job posting.

For Q3 which ended on September 30th, this is how AfterCollege college network postings performed.


AfterCollege continues to build out its university network and college partner network. Examples of partners include bootcamps like Udacity and Associated Collegiate Press. This is leading to higher clicks per job.

At AfterCollege, we believe in quality over quantity, meaning we’d rather deliver good relevant applicants to employers vs. just a high number of clicks. So we continue to build out our programmatic job targeting in order to provide the right candidates to employers by automatically figuring out where employer jobs should go. One measure of success that we see is the number of jobs to which students apply on average. With job search, they tend to apply to two jobs on average. With programmatic targeting, students tend to apply to three jobs on average.


Based on the above, our job postings should be delivering both quantity and quality.  As an employer, you are the better judge. We’d like to hear from you so let us know.