Recruiters: Here’s What Young Job Candidates Want


Get inside the heads of one of the largest groups in the workforce.

“Millennials now represent the largest generation in the United States, comprising roughly one-third of the total population,” according to a 2013 White House report.

AfterCollege’s annual survey tackles the issues students and recent graduates care about most when choosing their careers. Only 13 percent of college seniors and 14 percent of recent graduates have a job lined up, even though most are actively looking. That means 86 percent of an educated, passionate population are available for hire. So, how can employers connect with millennials?

Below are key facts from our annual survey, as well as an infographic on how recruiters can effectively hire millennials.

Download the complete survey here: 2015 Annual Career Insight Survey

The job search process

“Job seekers would…like better communication from employers throughout the application process. They see company information sessions and career fairs as good for gathering information but not as good for getting an interview. Email is their preferred way to hear about job opportunities from employers.” – 2015 Annual Career Insight Survey

What about after the email process begins? A majority 71 percent of students and recent grads want companies to respond more quickly. Better communication will go a long way when it comes to students who are buried under piles of applications and career appointments in their inboxes.

Key Questions from AfterCollege’s 2015 Career Survey

  • Who has the most influence on job seekers’ career decisions?
  • Which students are most likely to succeed in finding jobs?
  • What times of year are students most actively looking for work?
  • How many recent graduates have had job interviews?
  • What social media sites do students use for job search?

Download the 2015 Annual Career Insight Survey here, or check out the infographic below:

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infographic 2



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