Should I Be Doing My College Recruiting in January and February?

College Recruiting
The answer is yes. This means if you’re an employer looking for skilled, entry-level talent, you should be putting your best foot forward right now. According to AfterCollege’s 2015 Insight Survey of 1,500 college students and recent grads, the best time to start reaching out to college students and grads for your entry-level jobs and internships is today–right before students start graduating.


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College Graduates


Specifically, winter break, early spring, and late spring are the times of year where students and grads are most active in looking for a job beyond graduation or for the summer.


Student Applicants Per Month
College Graduate


Job and Internship Applicants
We looked at applicant data for jobs and internships on AfterCollege throughout the last two years. What you’ll notice is that January through May see the highest number of applicants. In fact, nearly half of all applications to jobs on AfterCollege happen in the first four months of the year.

Student Responses to Employer Outreach
College Graduate
Employer Outreach and Student Response
Another crucial piece of engagement is student response to employer outreach on AfterCollege. AfterCollege doesn’t wait around for busy students to be proactive. We send highly targeted employer messages, compelling interested students to respond to job opportunities faster. This helps boost our student response, but overall student engagement still a powerful statistic. As you look at 2015, you will see that the first four months of the year accounted for 50 percent of all annual activity. That’s huge, because it makes January through April a fleeting opportunity for entry-level recruiters. Conversely, the summer is fairly quiet when it comes to employers driving on-campus college recruiting and related outreach, and then it picks up again in the fall.


Bottom line: right now is the perfect time for you to be proactive as an employer recruiting entry-level talent. Do what you can to strengthen your employer brand. Students are looking.

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