Students Rate Their Top Employers by Industry

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Branding and university recruiting go together like chocolate and peanut butter. (Or chocolate and strawberries. Or chocolate and coffee. Okay, chocolate and pretty much anything else. Hmm… is anyone else getting hungry all of the sudden?) While you can technically enjoy chocolate on its own, you can amplify its deliciousness exponentially when you combine it with something else.

Similarly, you can try to recruit and hire university students without engaging in brand-building activities, but you’ll see your results dramatically improve once you dedicate some time and resources to building your brand.

We can see this in the 2014 results of the AfterCollege Employer Popularity Index (EPI), a ranking of the top employers by industry as rated by students in the fields of tech, engineering, business, nursing, allied health, and life sciences.

These rankings are based on 685,000 expressions of interest from students and recent grads in the United States. The EPI is unique in that it doesn’t just ask students where they want to work—it ranks the companies students are actively following and seeking jobs and internships from.

It’s no surprise that companies like Google and Intel top these lists for students of various disciplines—both of these companies regularly invest in university recruiting and have comprehensive brand-building strategies. (In some past posts we’ve covered a couple of the cool things Google is doing in the university recruiting space—find them here.)

Check out the top ten employers for some common industries:

Top 10 Employers for Tech Students in 2014

  1. Google
  2. Intel Corporation
  3. Microsoft Corporation
  4. IBM
  5. Apple
  6. Amazon
  7. National Security Agency
  8. Facebook
  9. Hewlett-Packard
  10. Cisco

Top 10 Employers for Engineering Students in 2014

  1. The Boeing Company
  2. Intel Corporation
  3. Lockheed Martin
  4. General Electric
  5. Raytheon
  6. Google
  7. The Aerospace Corporation
  8. Apple
  9. National Security Agency
  10. Northrop Grumman Corporation

Top 10 Employers for Business Students in 2014

  1. Google
  2. Intel Corporation
  3. Target
  4. JP Morgan Chase
  5. Deloitte
  6. Wells Fargo
  7. Bank of America
  8. National Security Agency
  9. Apple
  10. Kaiser Permanente

Top 10 Employers for Allied Health Students in 2014

  1. Kaiser Permanente
  2. CVS
  3. Target
  4. Children’s National Health
  5. Mayo Clinic
  6. Stanford Health Care
  7. Walgreens Pharmacy
  8. Department of Veterans Affairs
  9. Cedars Sinai Medical Center
  10. St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center

Want to learn more about the EPI or get results for a different field of study? Just leave a note in the comments and let us know!


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