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Where the Tech Giants Stand When It Comes to Diversity Recruiting

There are certain things that tech companies are really good at doing: building gadgets we didn’t know we needed but now can’t live without (iPhone, we’re…

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Top 10 University Recruiting Websites

Cat videos, Ryan Gosling photos, and “Eye of the Tiger” playing on an infinite loop—while these can all be considered hallmarks of an awesome website, they…

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What Google, Apple, And Microsoft Can Teach You About Student Ambassador Programs

The job of a university  recruiter is pretty simple: You want to get students pumped about the idea of working for your company. So how do…

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How to Attract Top Students and Make Your Company Look Awesome

Pop quiz: When should you start to engage students in your on-campus recruiting efforts? A) April of their senior year in college B) Fall of their…

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Can You Skip the On-Campus Career Fair?

Let’s start with a big question: How do you approach college recruiting? Are you heading to a few campuses hoping to fill specific roles? If that’s…

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