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First-Generation Students Need Your Help. Are You Providing It?

Your throat is dry and your palms are sweaty. A quick glance in a reflective building nearby shows that you don’t look quite as frazzled on…

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Where the Tech Giants Stand When It Comes to Diversity Recruiting

There are certain things that tech companies are really good at doing: building gadgets we didn’t know we needed but now can’t live without (iPhone, we’re…

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How Enterprise Recruits And Develops Diverse New Grad Talent

What’s the secret to building a successful university recruiting program and hiring diverse new grad talent? We’ve talked about branding, building relationships on-campus, and having a…

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Diversity Recruiting: How to Get Everyone on the Same Page

You want to recruit diverse candidates. Your manager wants you to recruit diverse candidates. Your HR department really wants you to recruit diverse candidates. Hey, everyone…

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How Student Groups Can Help You Achieve Your Diversity Recruiting Goals

Sometimes recruiting can feel more like a puzzle than a job. Take the topic of diversity, for example. Let’s say your organization has set a goal…

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3 Ways to Get Students Pumped About Your Info Sessions

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there was a company that hoped to hire college students. It sent out a few…

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