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Getting Started on Twitter: How to Set Up And Organize Your Account

You’ve stood outside for long enough. You can hear the party raging on inside, but you couldn’t quite decide if you should go in or not.…

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Getting Started on Twitter: How to Listen on Social Media

Have you heard the story of the Red Cross intern’s inappropriate tweet? It’s an oldie but goodie as far as social media horror stories go. Basically,…

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Where the Tech Giants Stand When It Comes to Diversity Recruiting

There are certain things that tech companies are really good at doing: building gadgets we didn’t know we needed but now can’t live without (iPhone, we’re…

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Social Media Basics for University Recruiters

If you’re a university recruiter, here are a few (work-related) thoughts that probably cross your mind on a daily basis: Why can’t there be approximately 17…

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