Skip Employee Bonuses. Give Them This Instead


If you feel guilty for skipping cash bonuses at your company, you shouldn’t. Cash bonuses don’t work.

Gifts, on the other hand, are no longer seen as inappropriate. Many companies use this form of incentive to increase engagement in the office and retain the staff. Handing over tangible items or experiences instills value in your team members.

And, there’s really no need to spend thousands of dollars on the most luxurious items. An original, more affordable gift could entice and surprise more than the latest tech gadget. Here are some ideas you might want to take into consideration.

Flower Pots

A nice little pot with seasons flowers in it (or you could always consider exotic plants and flowers) might be an excellent idea. Both your clients and employees will appreciate the gesture. Bonsai tree for instance, are really cool and appealing. They fit perfectly on a business desk, and they instill calmness and relaxation. Plants in offices are known to increase productivity and happiness. You’re investing in your employees’ moods and well-being.

Cubic Terrarium

A client or colleague with a fondness for modern design will surely love this form of gift. It sounds boring, but everyone–especially hipsters–love terrariums! Etsy-esque gifts are the way to any millennial employee’s heart. A cubic terrarium is the ultimate gift idea because there are numerous shapes and sizes you can opt for. As for the plants, you have two choices – all natural or artificial. Regardless, your gesture will be memorable, and the receiver will appreciate it.

Leather Padfolio

A leather padfolio is a practical, chic and functional form of gift for employees, clients, and even business partners. It will be an ideal present for people who are constantly on the go. Busy meeting-goers for instance, have to be organized. For them, a padfolio can be a much useful form of gift than an expensive wristwatch.

Classic Wine Basket

You can’t go wrong with a wine basket. This form of gift works for all the people in your office, including clients, investors, colleagues and employees. Include different assortments of cheese and maybe one or two wine glasses as well. If you don’t have a substantial budget available, it’s perfectly okay to invest in a convenient but good-quality bottle of wine that doesn’t go beyond $50.

Desktop Items

Believe it or not, desktop items can be extremely useful to employees. A brand new computer mouse, a computer lift, or laptop cases might be exactly what your staff needs to perform their task at a much faster pace. Add a bit of humor into the mix, and opt for mice in funny shapes and colors. This will boost the mood of your employees, and it might even put a smile on their faces.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are available in a wealth of forms. Amazon cards for example, are excellent for book lovers, while coffee-loving workers would appreciate more a discount voucher to retailers selling coffee makers or even good-quality coffee. Other types of cards may include those with discounts to various stores, or vouchers to spas and beauty salons.

Tech Gifts

In this category, we have gifts for tech fans, such as USB memory sticks, iPhone gloves, e-readers and even iPods. Most of these items won’t go beyond $50; it’s always a nice gesture to think about the happiness and well-being of your staff. Some of these items have a pleasurable purpose, which is exactly what employees need to feel that their work is valued and appreciated by their superiors.

Each and every gift presented has something that will entice your audience; use them to retain your best workers, or build a partnership with a company you’ve always wanted to collaborate with.

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